Press Release #13

12 October 2015, the thirteenth day of KSEVT’s cofounder Miha Turšič’s hunger strike

According to the news I read on the STA (Slovenian News Agency) portal, ‘the Prime Minister Miro Cerar and the leader of DeSUS Karl Erjavec support the work of the Minister of Culture Julijana Bizjak Mlakar’ … huh, and did anyone have problems with the Minister in the first place? It seems as though they listened to a briefing of their spin doctors and, through a telephone-effect, missed the whole point. My first claim does not aim at the Minister but at the Director-General of the Creativity Directorate who has been tainting the Minister’s vision with lies. The STA quotes Erjavec: ‘He is familiar with the fact that the Ministry has been trying to find some solutions and aid the project from the very beginning.’ (sic!) Could someone please tell me who acquaints these people with the reality we are living in?!? I hold nothing against the first of the State’s ministers and his government department colleagues but I feel more and more that this buraucratic apparatus, established during the years of quick seasonal changes in the government, eventually overthrew it and came to power. Of course the contents are of no interest to it whatsoever.

There are letters of support coming in from all over the world. The feeling that I am not insane is finally back. So is the feeling that KSEVT should persist. If I should be allowed a little pathos, and quote Primož Trubar: to exist and to persist.

I had a thorough medical examination today, along with a blood sample:

Considering the clinical state and laboratory results, Miha Turšič remains in a stable state, however, we can expect things to get worse, should the hunger strike be prolonged. If any signs of confusion, insomnia, arrythmia, general weakness or cramps in the skeletal muscles occur, I reccomend that he be examined by an emergency doctor, hospitalised or that adequate measures are taken.

Press Release #13