Press Release #4

4 October 2015, the fifth day of KSEVT’s cofounder Miha Turšič’s hunger strike

People worked a lot this Sunday. The Minister, too. She sent me an invitation to a talk through her PR representative, stating that she found out from the media that I had gone on strike. This means that neither the Minister nor the Secretary of State read their emails. Oh, well. Of course, I am going to attend the meeting alone, and I hope that the Minister is also going to come without her squires, the Director of the Creativity Directorate and expert advisors who have been blinding with their poisonous bureaucratic bile all this time. I hope that she greets me as an artist and a producer, and not a criminal who should not be given any concessions, as that would mean having to give concessions to everyone who ever knocks on her door again. I hope she approaches me like a good master, who cares very much about all of the effort and money that had been invested into art and its connecting effects that exceed genre and ideology. I also hope that she appears as a stateswoman who does not care for party quarrels and understands that KSEVT may be a good example of interdepartmental collaboration.

I am fully certain that I can expect the Minister of Culture to understand culture and art. Just like Ivo Svetina, the president of the Slovene Writers’ Association, who called upon the reason of the Minister and her colleagues in the government yesterday. Is it really that impossible?

Upon Mr. Svetina’s permission, I attach his appeal.

Dear Mrs. Minister!

I have just visited Mr. Miha Turšič at the Museum of Modern Art, where he has been on hunger strike for the third day. I am well acquainted with Mr. Turšič and I know that he is, first and foremost, fully dedicated to his work and mission, just as I know that he is a man of consistent conduct, who does not change his decisions; therefore, I feel I must, not as the president of a professional association, but as a Slovene poet and playwright, express full solidarity with Mr. Turšič, who has put his life on the line for greater, and not his own personal interests and goals. I believe the issues are no longer of bureaucratic nature, but about human life and Slovenian art and culture. Constant reductions in funding for culture, despite Your successful efforts for 2016 and 2017, mean a destruction of the basis whereupon Slovenians have built our identity. And many Slovenian artists; this is why this is no longer merely a question of budget, but a question of existence! Sadly, neither the President of the Government nor the Minister of Finance have the capacity to (?) understand this. Mr. Miha Turšič’s message is clear: he does not need our support, he is support for our demands, i.e. that the share of funds allocated to culture be raised to the level it was at in 2009!

I know that countless arguments will be found for why KSEVT was not granted the requested funding, but all of these arguments vanish into thin air the moment we face them with Mr. Miha Turšič’s decision.

I appeal to you, dear Mrs. Minister, to do everything you can in the scope of your authority, to immediately resolve this issue, shameful for Slovenian culture.


Ivo Svetina

I thought Sunday was going to be quiet, so I decided to make a summary of the events, exhibitions, symposia, informances, orbital academies and events that have taken place at KSEVT over the past three years for those who are not au courant.

Let me introduce the array of projects KSEVT executed over the first years of its existence:


event nametypeplacecountrynumber of visitors*


1, Nebo je črno, Zemlja je modra/ The Sky is Black, the Earth is Blue, exhibitionLjubljanaSlovenia500

2, Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko’s visit, eventLjubljana, VitanjeSlovenia100


3, Preparatory, conferenceLjubljanaSlovenia30

4, Odprta hiša/ Open house, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia200

5, Otvoritev KSEVT/ KSEVT’s Opening, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia2.500

6, Herman Potočnik Noordung: 100 monumentalnih vplivov/ Herman Potočnik Noordung: 100 monumental influences, exhibitionKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia50.000

7, Orbitalna akademija/ Orbital academy, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia200


8, TEDx, contributionLjubljanaSlovenia600

9, Odprte hiše Slovenije/Slovenia’s open houses, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia100

10, Chem:sys:reaktor, exhibitionKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia500

11, Astronaut Sunita Williams’s visit, eventKSEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia100

12, Museum Night, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia50

13, No gravity, projekcija filmaTrubarjeva hiša, LjubljanaSlovenia,20

14, Estetika in vesolja/Aesthetics and Universes, simposiumKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia30

15, Voyager/ dr. Mavretič, exhibitionKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia17.290

16, Arroblab, exhibitionKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia500

17, Out of the Cradle ’13/ Vitanje, simposiumKSEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia30

18, Vitanje Svet Svitanje/Vitanje World Svitanje, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia200


19, Bivanje: orbita/Being: Orbit, exhibitionKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia12.551

20, Voyager/ Nečloveški agent/Voyager/Non-human Agent, exhibitionKapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia, /

21, Autonomus Agents in Space, symposium presentation, UNESCO, SETI, ParisFrancija30

22, Out of The Cradle ‘!4/ Topologija …,/Out of the Cradle ‘!4/ Topology, symposium organisation,Kapelica, LjubljanaSlovenia20

23, Fascinating times, symposium presentationNational Bank, Warsaw, Poland500

24, Orbital octets, state celebrationKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia200 / television transmissionRTV SLOSlovenia76.000

25, Problem vožnje po vesolju/ The Problem of Space Travel, international exhibitionBiennale, Venice, Italy228.000

26, Museum Night, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia50

27, AA Visiting School/ Nanoturism, residenceKSEVT, Vitanje, Sloveniano data

28, BIO50/ Nanoturism, exhibitionMAO, LjubljanaSloveniano data

29, BIO50/ Opazovati vesolje/ BIO50/ Observing Space, exhibitionMG, LjubljanaSloveniano data

30, Orbitalne emisije/ Orbital Emissions, eventVelenjeSlovenia100.000

31, Noč raziskovalcev/ Researchers’ night, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia40

32, Open houses, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia50

33, Out of The Cradle/ Opazovalec/ Out of the Cradle/ Observer, symposium organisation St. PetersburgRussia50

34, Voyager/ dr. Mavretič, film premierevarious locationsSlovenia80 / television transmissionRTV SLOno data

35, Voyager/ 140AU, exhibitionUMaine, ZDAZDAno data

36, Spektralni modulator/ Spectral Modulator, permanent collectionKSEVT, VitanjeSloveniano data

37, Prvi svemirski arhitekt,/ First Space Architect exhibitionKlovičevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatiano data


38, Ikone nevidnega/ Icons of Non-Visible, exhibitionKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia10.000

39, Noordung 1995-2015-2045, eventKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia,300

40, Out of the Cradle ’15/ Habiton, simposiumKSEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia30

41, Matters of Gravity, exhibitionKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia2.000

42, Slovenska vesoljska akademija/ Slovenian Space Agency, exhibitionKSEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia500

43, Slovenska vesoljska avantgarda/ Slovenian Space Avantgarde, eventKSEVT, Vitanje, Slovenia100


44, Orbitalne emisije/ Orbital Emissions, programKSEVT, VitanjeSlovenia3.000

45, Vitanjski abonma/ The Vitanje Subscription, programKSEVT, VitanjeSloveniano data

*some numbers were recorded, some estimated, and perhaps some are missing, but none are extra.

Miha Turšič

Press Release #4