Press Release #2

2 October 2015, the third day of KSEVT’s cofounder Miha Turšič’s hunger strike

Today, I continue with my hunger strike in the Trieste Constructivist Cabinet at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana. I was expecting the MC to offer possible solutions to the current situation given the explanations I provided in yesterday’s statement. To the contrary, all that the Ministry was able to produce was a statement of a junior consultant for the field of intermedia art (and not the Director-General of the Creativity Directorate), who condescendingly, following the logic of the master, paternalistically informed the public that the MC is no candy shop. The Minister still has not spoken up.

In order to additionally elucidate the focus of KSEVT’s activity in relation to the financial depletion it has been subject to, and to highlight the difference between the accounting violations it is being charged with and the weight of the artistic, cultural, and civilizational achievements of KSEVT, we are organizing a press conference on 5 October, 2015, at 12 P.M., where dr. Oto Luthar, the Director of the Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) is going to be one of the speakers.

Today, on 2 October 2015, the Council of the Institute KSEVT held a correspondence session discussing the resignation from the post of acting director, offered by Miha Turšič. The conclusions of the session clearly state that the Council of the Institute KSEVT fully supports KSEVT’s activities to this day, and does not accept the Miha Turšič’s offer to resign (the records of the meeting are attached).

Encouraged by the adequate reactions of the public and the media, and outraged by the condescending attitude exhibited by the MC, I continue with my hunger strike.


Date: 2.10.2015


The 2nd correspondence session of the Public Institute (PI) KSEVT held on 1.10.2015.

MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL OF THE INSTITUTE: dr. Danilo Zavrtanik, mag. Tilka Jakob, Andrej Poklič univ.dipl.eng, dr. Krištof Oštir, Dragan Živadinov and mag. Srečko Fijavž

All six members of the Council of PI KSEVT participated in a vote regarding acting director Miha Turšič’s announcement of his resignation from the function of acting director of PI KSEVT and the beginning of his hunger strike. The following resolution has been passed, approved by all six voters:

We establish:

  1. That PI KSEVT, in the legal-organizational form that it exists in today, was established on the basis of a proposal and a demand of the departmental minister of culture, i.e. a representative of the State.
  2. That PI KSEVT is following its program mission, and has been very successful in setting up and carrying out a the scope of which exceeds that of the local community, and is of broader, national significance, establishing connections between the arts, science, culture, technology, education, research, the economy, and foreign policy in an innovative way; as such, it is turning into an important national identification factor of the Republic of Slovenia. The meeting the European Space Agency’s delegation, which took part at KSEVT as part of the process of Slovenia’s entry into ESA as a full member, is the most recent example. Statements of the highest representatives of the State on the national significance of the activities carried out by PI KSEVT are another example.
  3. That three years since the opening of the Institute, the entire program is still standing only thanks to the superhuman efforts of director Miha Turšič, who has been able to secure that the Institute has functioned and the program has been executed with notable results, despite the minimal support the Institute has been receiving from the national budget in comparison to other programs.
  4. That the PI has no systematic funding sources, which leads to liquidity problems for the entire system, and puts the further development of the program and the existence of the Institute at risk.
  5. That we wish and hope that the Institute and the director Miha Turšič are granted sustainable conditions and appropriate means for activities related to a program which is of national significance, and that Miha Turšič is given a chance to prepare a recovery plan of the PI and ensure the continuation of its current operations.
  6. We will decide on his resignation from the function of acting director of PI KSEVT after the resolution of current issues related to his decision on the beginning of a hunger strike.



Press Release #2